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Historical analysis USDCAD for full year of 2016    

Use the scroll bar at bottom of the chart to see the full year
The daily exchange rate chart above and the table below show what happened when we ran our software on the USDCAD (a.k.a the Loonie) pair for the full year of 2016, using historical data.

The many small trangles on the chart indicate a component of a trade. When eventually fully built up and then closed, each and every trade was profitable.

The table at left shows the outcome for the year in terms of trades taken, catagorised by the number of phases in each, and the aggregate  profitability of those positions.

Similar results were achieved for GBP/USD, USD/CHF, and EUR/GBP. . We would typically run all four of these pairs simultaneously on the same account. Of critical importance is the fact that the configuration of the software was exactly the same in each case: Only the currency pair was changed before the software was run on each occasion.

The MT4 / MT5 version of the algorithmic Forex trading software is now complete. This is a complete re-write, and not a bridge or an adaptor. The new software is now undergoing testing. Results so far are very positive.

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When you open a managed account
, I send you a copy of my book. Then, as you monitor the real-time performance of your managed account, which is traded using our algorithmic, high frequency routines, you can see the forces that move the Forex market, the importance of timing and discipline, the effects of such things as support and resistance, and the impact of fundamental market-moving events.

You can also just sit back and observe the performance of the equity in your account.