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The very best way to evaluate my algorithmic Forex trading strategies is to apply for a small live trading account. In this way you can get a feel for how it works. You can do this without the need to delve into its operation to a great depth. Please bear in mind the old and very valid disclaimer: "Past performance is no guarantee of future performance".

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Algorithmic Forex trading quarterly report, Q1 2017

Friday, March 31st 2017, was the last day of Quarter One 2017. The outcome of my live real-money Algorithmic trading for the quarter is shown on the graph. I traded two pairs from the start of the year, moving up to three pairs towards the end of February and four pairs from March 1st on. The position size algorithm remained the same as the number of trading pairs increased. This meant that increasing the number of pairs tended to increase gearing, as positions built up.

The graph shows a number of drawdowns, or reductions in account balance, over the period. Drawdown size increased as each step up in the number of pairs took place, but so did profit potential. This is because there is a requirement for funding for open positions as they are built up under my system. However, these open positions are expected to revert to their take-profit target, when all of the investment in them should be returned, along with a profit. There is a small but nevertheless real risk that this might not happen. There are a number of safeguards against this possibility.

The maximum drawdown during the quarter was 5.65% of equity. There was a number of open positions in existence at the time of the report. Shown here is the marked-to-market value of all positions.

To protect positions from risk it was necessary to make use of a hedge on two occasions during quarter 1. In each case the hedge was closed at break-even, after which no further hedging was required.

Commentary archive

The MT4 / MT5 version of the algorithmic Forex trading software is now complete. This is a complete re-write, and not a bridge or an adaptor. The new software is now undergoing testing. Results so far are very positive.

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When you open a managed account
, I send you a copy of my book. Then, as you monitor the real-time performance of your managed account, which is traded using our algorithmic, high frequency routines, you can see the forces that move the Forex market, the importance of timing and discipline, the effects of such things as support and resistance, and the impact of fundamental market-moving events.

You can also just sit back and observe the performance of the equity in your account.